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Natural Beauty of Natural Stone

Natural stone has so much to offer in its natural beauty, it’s fabulous strength values, its longevity and its natural resistance capabilities when used for landscaping stonework, constructions and applications. Natural stone is quarried from the earth’s surface from various locations worldwide. There are various types of natural stones including; sandstone, flagstone, granite, limestone and bluestone. After the quarrying process, stonemasons cut the stones into various shapes and sizes that can be used for a large variety of stonework. Some of the more landscaping applications where natural stone is featured include; pavements, garden walls, retaining walls, chimneys and fireplace structures, stone homes, stone bridges, wall features and limitless landscape elements. Pascarella and Sons have extensive years of experience building with various stonework constructions, ranging from residential, commercial, community and many other settings and applications. Our craftsmanship is absolutely superb and we take tremendous pride in all of the stonework projects that we have installed over the 30 years we’ve been in business. We have exceptional natural stone products that are specifically suitable for certain stonework applications. If you require any type of natural stone landscaping product or if you need a professional to build or install the  stonework project, don’t hesitate any longer and make that first  contact with us, either drop us a line, send us an email with details or come in and see us in person. Our construction team is fully qualified and licensed and has worked with many architects, to designers as well as homeowners.

Types of Stonework Projects

There are various types of natural stone products that can be utilized in or around a landscape setting. Stonework such as retaining wall features look absolutely beautiful as they ooze with natural charm and character in their beauty and decorative appeal. There are a few considerations if you have opted for natural stone retaining wall. This is where we can provide you with all of the right advice and right information in terms of which natural stone product should be used for the structural strength required and the integrity of the wall capability and the height recommendations. These are such important aspects and without proper advice it can be disastrous. This is why you should consult with us here at Pascarella And Sons as our staff has all of the knowledge and extensive experience in stonework constructions. Our stonework construction team can come out to the site and assess all important components and offer you their expertise. If you want a perfect retaining wall built by professionals or any type of stonework construction, see us here at Pascarella And Sons and you will not be disappointed.

The Benefits of Natural Stone

There are so many benefits and advantages to using natural stone for all types of stonework constructions. First of all, because it is a natural stone it has natural capabilities and natural abilities as well as superior strength attributes. Natural stone will not fade in color, it is very durable, will not rot, no wear and tear issues, non slip, is termite and pest resistant, will not chip{unless physically abused} as it has exceptional resistances to all types of changing  weather conditions. The other benefit is its strength attributes; before the stones are quarried, they could have been there for centuries and centuries and is unaffected or damaged as time has gone by. The only disadvantage to natural stone products is they are more expensive then manmade products, but in reality, they are the much investment long term. We at Pascarella And Sons have a wonderful range on show in various types of natural stone products that can be utilized for specific stonework constructions and applications.
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