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Concrete paving is highly permeable and easily damaged because of the spaces in between or pores on their surfaces. Problems with stains are also common scenario for most homeowners. The high porosity makes it particularly prone to salt efflorescence. One of the most important things you need to do is to make sure there is proper sealing. In case you are looking for great sealing services, you have come to the right place. Pascarella and Son have been providing sealing services to various clients in New York for more than three decades now.

What is Sealing?

Sealing is necessary for most pavers, concrete, natural stone and granite, marble and other stone works including other masonry projects. This does not necessarily have to be always used for repair or maintenance. Sealing is important in the prevention of possible damage on concretes, pavers, and other masonry works as well.

Though sealing is not very much focused on art, it has a special purpose and advantages like protecting the texture and surface of the pavers. Aside from skilled personnel, every sealing task should depend on high quality impregnating sealer to sustain the aesthetics and breathe-ability of the surface. Using industry standard sealers can ensure long lasting protection. Dry-Treat impregnating sealers, for example, are safe and appropriate for outdoor and indoor surfaces, whether for residential or high traffic commercial spaces.

Benefits of Sealing

When pavers and other concrete works are properly sealed, removal of snow and ice stains can be done easily. Sealers make any stone or concrete work less prone to damage. Also, concrete pavers become water resistant, making them protected over the years. Sealing is also a good technique in preventing oil and grease in driveways while improving the appearance of old age pavers. It can create slip resistance pavers, which are great for the pool area too.

Sealing must be done by Experts

Sealing is a vital part of all concrete, stone and other masonry projects. Applying it is very easy but it must be used and applied by experts. If you do the sealing on your own, make sure that you apply the right type of sealer. Sealers are available in high gloss and low gloss, low sheen, matt and flat finishes. There are many manufacturers of sealer and it is a must to research information about these sealers to determine which best one is. Nonetheless, with the help of Pascarella and Son, you are sure that all sealing services will be done efficiently.

There are different ways to do the sealing since there are different materials used in landscapes and buildings. Sealing bricks will be different from sealing bluestone, marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, travertine, slates, porcelains and other types. You have nothing to be worried about if these are installed in your landscape, home or office since our crews are knowledgeable about how to deal with each of them. Our workers have been trained to provide the most reliable sealing services for you.

Sealing Services by Pascarella and Son

At Pascarella and Son, we guarantee every client with the best application of sealers on pavers or any masonry works. If you need urgent answers to your questions, you may contact us at your most convenient time and we will be pleased to be of help. You can always visit our office in New York if you want detailed information on our sealing services.


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