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Sealing pavers, driveways, and walkways is not enough most of the time. Seal coating may be one practical idea you can consider on top of sealing. The benefits you can get out of seal coating can extend for several years, saving you a lot of money in the end.

What is Seal Coating?

Seal coating is the process of applying emulsion to a surface or pavement. The emulsion is usually applied by squeegee or a spray. A lot of DIY workers use a broom instead when seal coating pavements only that it does not offer good results most of the time. However, for best results, professional seal coating is recommended.

Professional seal coating companies use a special kind of equipment for this job. Some of the machines include spray systems, crack equipment, spray guns, seal coating tanks, line strippers, and hot boxes. All these machines can work toward a perfect seal coating job, which will definitely last a long time.

However, seal coating is not recommended to be done anytime soon after the construction of new pavements. The best time to seal coat a pavement is usually four to 12 months after the final completion of the pavement. Then, once the pavement has been seal coated already, regular seal coating is necessary to maintain the protection and for aesthetic purposes every three to four years depending on the amount of traffic the particular pavement entertains.

The Benefits of Seal Coating

There are several benefits you can get out of seal coating. In fact, most of the benefits of seal coating can provide you long term benefits. This is the reason why even if seal coating means spending money today, a lot of people still go for this.

One major advantage of seal coating is protection. Every surface that is treated by an emulsion is made to be protected from damage, weather, traffic, chemical spills, and a lot of other things. With such kind of protection, you can be guaranteed that the pavement will last a long time. This leads you to the next benefit of seal coating, which is helping you save money. With a guaranteed protection from harmful elements, the life of the pavement is guaranteed to be preserved and with its protection to the surface, maintenance and cleaning costs are usually kept at the minimum through the years.

Besides protection and savings, seal coating can also increase the aesthetic value of the pavement or masonry work. Any pavement will for sure be given a better, neater, cleaner, and more uniform-colored look. In terms of asphalt pavements, the black color becomes brighter, cleaner, and neater, which ensures of a revitalized look in the landscape.

Seal Coating Services

If you need seal coating professionals, Pascarella and Son is a company you can always trust. We are an experienced landscape contractor that also specializes in seal coating. Not only we have the experience necessary for high quality seal coating projects but we also employ the best equipment and the best people to do every seal coating job entrusted to us.

On top of the best equipment, we train our people in properly seal coating pavements. From site preparation to application, Pascarella and Son will deliver you great quality results.

We also do sealing projects, so we can be your one-stop shop for your landscape maintenance needs. Just give us a call and we will be happy to offer you the best sealing and seal coating services for your utmost satisfaction.


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