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Retaining walls are more commonly constructed for landscapes that are sloped or uneven to be able to hold back soil therefore stop ground movement. The wall construction provides great strength abilities to eliminate ground moving from natural causes such as earth movement, landslide and soil erosion. The other benefits to retaining walls are they can be utilized for their decorative appearance. So, you don’t have to utilize them just for their strength and functional values, be wise and take advantage of their aesthetic appeal to complement the landscape presentation. There are so many types of hardscaping materials that retaining walls can be constructed from. Some of the hardscape materials that we offer here at Pascarella And Sons that retaining walls can be constructed from, include natural stone, bricks, timber, concrete blocks, keystone blocks and stucco. We have constructed many retaining walls for various applications and settings such as residential, community, commercial, municipalities, recreational parks and other applications. For whatever type of  retaining wall application you require, we are the experts with over 36 years experience, we take extreme pride in our workmanship as we also pay extra attention to detail. 

Choosing the Correct Building Material and Suitable Design Are Vital Aspects

The importances of choosing the correct type of building material as well as the suitable retaining wall design are both vital elements to retaining wall structures. The crucial importance of the most suitable material type and the appropriate design can affect the strength of the retaining wall. The way we look at it is every retaining wall structure is different as this depends on how steep or unlevel the round is the length, the height, the width and the approximate amount of soil/ground that needs to be stabilized and held back.  This is where you must get the right advice and opinions from experts and we at Pascarella And Sons can certainly provide you with such vital information. We can come out to the site and asses all of the important elements which allows us to recommend the best possible retaining wall material and the best wall design. For retaining wall constructions, we can also provide you with a written quote outlining all costs involved. We have very competitive prices in hardscape materials as well as installation costs. So if you require a retaining wall and you want expert advice and professionals to construct the retaining wall, don’t hesitate any longer and contact our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff for all requirements. 

Keystone Retaining Wall Blocks

Keystone blocks are popular systems that are commonly used for many retaining wall systems. There are many advantages to keystone blocks. Firstly there is no mortar required during installation, secondly they have a unique interlocking pinning system and thirdly there are several textures to choose from for personal taste. The other advantage is they do provide a structurally strong wall system and they can be built as high as 12metres {must be recommended by authorized person}. They do have excellent durability and resistance values, no termite infestation to worry about and they do provide decorative charm. As for the installation cost, that is less as they are quicker to install then materials that require mortar. Many homeowners choose this type of retaining wall system for small to medium garden retaining wall or a fencing system. If you are interested or considering using  keystone blocks as a retaining wall system but need more information or some expert advice, give us a call, send us an email or come in and see us and we will answer all of your inquires professionally, friendly and with integrity.


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