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Irrigation is an important element in any landscape. It provides appropriate amount of water to plants as well as help in the protection of other elements in your outdoor area. There are many methods of installing irrigation on landscapes. In case you are planning to install it in your landscape or perhaps wanting to reconstruct your existing irrigation, you should not be hassled at all. A licensed and reliable irrigation contractor that you can find in New York is Pascarella and Son.

Modern Irrigation for Your Landscape

There are two classifications of irrigations which include the surface irrigation methods such as flow irrigation, border irrigation, basin irrigation and furrow irrigation. The other one is the pressure irrigation method where pipes and sprinklers are installed.

There are many innovations on irrigation nowadays which provides more convenience and even better water conservation to the consumers. But effective irrigation systems involve crucial planning, right projecting, and implementing of the operational system adequate for the method. It is vital to have a quality irrigation to acquire substantial savings in water consumption.

There are various systems that are applied according to the size of the outdoor living area or landscape. On the other hand, the different types of irrigation techniques for landscapes differ on how the water is obtained from the source and distributed within the field or the area. Irrigation method should be chosen according to the position of water source; quality flow and economy of irrigation water; soil type and structure; salinity, drainage and stone content conditions of the land; slope level and erosion risk of the land; climatic conditions such as wind, heat and frostiness are also considered.

There are many landscape irrigation systems that offer water- efficient conservation. Here in Pascarella and Son, proper designing, installing and use of appropriate system for irrigation is a big deal. Prior to installation, a thorough study of the area is conducted for effective irrigation design. Careful and professional techniques are applied to obtain better results. We see to it that various irrigation components, equipment, and other materials are carefully selected for quality output.

Durability over Aesthetics for Irrigation

Aesthetics is not the main thing about irrigation but the sturdiness and good design. A good quality irrigation installation accompanies quality equipment too. This has been the integral part of any landscape irrigation project we are doing. The piping and concrete works are at their highest quality. Our use of quality products is a guarantee that the irrigation system will serve the client for long term.

Quality Installation of Irrigation Systems

Looking for a reliable service? As certified professionals, we can assure you with an adequate irrigation system together with the best design. Our service will include quality installation of irrigation for landscape, irrigation maintenance and repair including other general services related to landscaping and hardscaping industry. Our exceptional expertise and professionalism will prove our worth.

Our attention to detail allowed our company to grow stronger and build reputation in the landscaping industry. We have completed many irrigation projects for various applications. We can also design, install and maintain irrigation systems for residential, commercial, community, universities, parks, schools, hotels and many more. No matter how big or small, Pascarella and Son can deliver quality irrigation system to our clients.


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