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General Contractors Responsibilities

The responsibilities for general contracting are to oversee the project from day to day basis and to keep all parties informed throughout the progress. The first step is the contractor will inspect the sight and the type of project required to get a better understanding. Discussions with the client on what material they prefer, what type of design they opt for and of course an estimate cost for the project completion. All of these aspects are discussed carefully with our clients and we always offer the best advice with integrity in terms of what we believe would be the best possible project. Pascarrella And Sons offer additional services to other general contracting business’s, as our contractors listen to the clients’ wants and needs and ultimately we compromise with the clients desires to achieve the best possible project with their input. We provide our clients a written quote outlining the costs of materials, any pre preparation costs, disposable costs and labor costs. The importance of a written quote is our clients will have no surprises when it comes time to paying for the final project they know exactly what the costs are upfront. If you require a general contractor for all types of landscaping projects, a smart choice is to contact us here at Pascarella And Sons and our general contracting staff can come out to the sight for initial inspection.

Types of General Contracting Projects We Offer 

The versatility of our general contracting team is they can perform all types of landscaping projects including; paving, concreting, installing retaining walls, fencing systems, building decks, patios gazebos, barbecue areas, ponds, waterfalls and much more. The other services we also offer is replacing or repairing all types of landscaping applications as well as installing irrigations systems, water tanks, landscape lighting and water features. For landscaping maintenance our general contracting team can also perform all aspects of maintenance whether it’s a one off maintenance visit or an ongoing yearly maintenance program. Our general contracting team at Pascarella And Sons have extensive years experience in all aspects of landscaping projects in which they have performed for various types of applications and settings including; residential, commercial, community, industrial, schools, public parks, hotels and resorts. For those who require an experienced and professional contractor don’t hesitate any longer and make that first step by either emailing us, giving us a call or come in and talk to us in person. Some general contracting businesses may only take on projects that are medium to large, again this is where we are different as no job is too small or no job is too big.

Why Choose Pascarella And Sons General Contracting Services?

Pascarella And Sons have been in the landscaping business for over 30years and we believe  our continued success of our business is based on our excellent reputation, in which provide exceptional customer service, integrity, honesty, professional workmanship, providing excellent products, along with our commitment and dedication. There are several reasons why we believe you should choose us for all general landscaping projects. Our contractors are fully qualified with many years experience and will always do a professional job. They also have the latest landscaping equipment and tools. As for safety, this is an upmost importance, as every task is performed with the important emphasis and implementation of all safety measures, especially when cutting or sawing is involved. They also have all safety protective clothing and safety accessories for when they are performing the task. For any further information or questions regarding any type of general contracting you may require, contact us here at Pascarrella And Sons.


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