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The Versatility of Concrete

Concrete is a construction material that is made up of cementing mixtures more commonly Portland cement along with other cement materials such as; fly ash, aggregates, sand and slag cement. The versatility of concrete allows this wonderful construction material to be produced in a wide variety of different types of products including; concrete blocks, concrete pavers, concrete ponds, concrete pools, footings and concrete slabs for structural and architectural foundations. Concrete is believed to be one of the most used manmade materials worldwide. Gone are the days where concrete consists of a dull boring grayish color, with modern technologies the color of concrete can be changed, the surface texture can be changed with a mixture of chemicals and additives to change the entire appearance. There are so many attributes to concrete; it has excellent strength values, its durable, its long lasting and its more affordable then natural stone. We offer a wide variety of concrete products here at Pascarella And Sons, whether it’s for structural purposes, functional purposes or decorative purposes check out our range and you will be surprised.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are regarded as one of the more popular paving products. There are so many benefits and advantages to choosing concrete pavers which include the following; they are more affordable then natural stone pavers, they have great strength attributes, they are durable, there are so many colors, sizes, shapes, textures to personally choose from. The decorative impact of concrete pavers is you can transform a boring and unattractive external area to ooze charm and color, creating a beautiful and aesthetically appealing pavement. Concrete pavers are a favorable paving product for residential applications where this type of paver is featured in applications such as driveway, walkway, pathway, patios, barbeque areas, sidewalks, pool areas and much more. Pascarella And Sons have an extensive range of concrete pavers, our expert staff can explain all of the benefits and advantages to concrete pavers as well as other important information regarding how and when to seal the pavers. We also offer an installation service, where our professional team can install the pavers for you and you can have a piece of mind that they will be installed properly by professionals.  

Change the Appearance of Original Concrete Applications

Plain concrete applications such as driveways still exist in residential properties and many home owners would love to replace the concrete slab but either cannot afford replacing or they think that the application cannot be changed in appearance. If you have original concrete applications and you are sick and tired of a dull and boring appearance, we have the answer for you here at Pascarella And Sons. We can transform the original concrete and create an exciting, a new and a decorative concrete presentation without having to remove/demolish existing concrete application as long as the concrete slab is in good condition.  There are various ways that we can create a new application to make it look like new by rejuvenating the surface, by painting, by staining or by scorching the surface.  With so many surface finishes you can choose, this is a most cost effective way rather than having the entire concrete application replaced. If you are opting for this cost affective option, contact us here at Pascarella And Sons by sending an email, contact us by phone, send us images of your exiting concrete application or come in and see our friendly and helpful staff and check out the different types of products that are available to transform an old and boring concrete application. 


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